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Welcome to the Friary in Beauly! Our business ethos is to serve products that are sustainably and locally sourced, here at our shop.

Since taking over the business in March 2017 we have made various changes, some of these include using environmentally friendly packaging and offering more choice to all age groups on our menu.

  • A senior option: which is a smaller portion in practical box packaging.
  • A small child's option: which is called the Friary Happy Meal, which includes a still juice and an eye-catching box which children love.
  • We have the calorie content displayed for the light bite, which is a small fish and chips in a box which was professionally analysed in a laboratory.

We are very passionate about using locally sourced produce which is of the upmost of quality.

  • Our fish comes from the North Atlantic, where it is caught in closely monitored fishing grounds to ensure the sustainability for the future.
  • Our potatoes are sourced from our merchant, Robert Hendry, who is based in Elgin. He sources only the best quality potatoes from Cambridgeshire, which helps to make our award winning chips.
  • Our puddings and burgers are from Munro the butcher in Dingwall.
  • Our black pudding is the world famous Stornoway black pudding, which is specially transported from Macleod and MacLeod, the butchers in Stornoway.
  • We use oil that is a mixture of vegetable and sustainably sourced palm oil, when we are unable to use the oil for frying we send it off to get re-used as bio-diesel.

All our food is specially cooked to order to ensure that you get the best quality product. We cater for vegetarians and have gluten-free options. We also have a gluten-free evening every Monday 5.00pm - 9.00pm.

We want to be part of the greener campaign and understand the ever-changing environment requires a more sympathetic way of trading, so by using greener packaging and ensuring our waste is having as little impact on the environment as possible, we feel we are doing our bit to help in the battle to maintain the ozone layer therein preventing further climate change.